Cocinina was born years ago to make an ethical lifestyle easier and more accessible to everyone. We want to learn how to be more respectful towards the environment, animals and other human beings, and we want to help other people learn with us. That’s why we promote not only veganism, but also Intersectionality. We want social justice for everyone.

We are a team of two, and we spend most of our free time creating new easy and affordable vegan recipes, sharing them on our social media along with other tips, videos and texts about anti-racism, body positivity, (trans)feminism, ecology, and so on.

But the key to make this project work is you.  We care about you, and we wouldn’t have gotten this far without your help and support. We love every message you send us, either asking for help or showing us your support. It means the world to us. We enjoy learning from you and helping you grow as we grow, creating a nice safe community where we can share our thoughts.

Thank you.